Friday, February 24, 2006

Fried Hokkien Mee with Side dish

Hokkien Mee

Fried Stuff

Hokkien mee or sometimes known as black sauce noodles and "tai look mien" is a nice and tasty fried noodles made by chinese.. the noodles are normally fried with black soy sauce, prawns and meat.. it's a bit different from normal noodles as the noodles are bigger in size..

fried stuffs is something like deep fried spring rolls.. it has got a piece of wrapping contains "sengkuang", carrots, onions and dried prawns.. sometimes it might even have meat inside it.. fried stuffs is best served with thai chili sauce..


DarReNz said...

ohh i love thai sweet chilli sauce .....

Chen said...

the Hokkien Mee in Penang is totally different from the one in KL :D

Jee said...

Hokkien mee in penang is prawn mee in KL I think..

btw I never like the KL hokkien mee.. the black soy sauce is normally too thick for me, making my throat felt erww.. arggh.. blruggg..

Yummy spring rolls, things taste the best when it's fried.. and also the fatest =l

n305er said...

That actually looks like "Oh mee" or "Tua Bui mee" to me. Most people won't like it when they first saw it... But they'll love it after they try it... :P

Penang's Hokkien Mee is actually called Prawn Mee elsewhere. And the normal Hokkien Mee is called Hokkien Char in Penang.

Alicia said...

darrenz : i prefer kampung koh! xD

chen : hokkien mee in singapore is different too .. same term but different types of noodles

jee : u shud try hokkien mee at pee jay.. paramount garden where they fried the noodles with charcoal :P

n305er : when my fren was eating hokkien mee at jalan alor.. gwei los who happened to walk by thought that my fren was eating worms :/

tom said...

the first dish i wouldnt touch it.. looks like there were worms on the plate :) second one looks pretty tasty :D

Le.Si.Ka.Ki.Lang said...

The Hokkien mee in KL near Hong Leung Building is best!. Ask for more garlic and "Chee Yau Char"..