Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Cooking Plans

i've been thinking of cooking alot of stuffs recently like..

1. tofu with thick and spicy souce
2. rice with chicken chop in garlic sauce served with green vege and a sunny side up
3. grilled chicken marinated with spices.. i can already imagine the tender and juicy meat..
4. steam chicken with dong gwai (i had never made this before.. but i bet it's easy)
5. try making bread again.. experiment
6. lotus soup with groundnuts
7. fish with mild tomato sauce
8. crispy chicken with thick sauce (with capsicum, large onions, garlic, dried chilis)
9. crispy fried chicken marinated with 5 spice powder
10. chicken in creamy black peppercorn sauce

i don't know when will i be able to complete the list.. sigh~


Anonymous said...

woohoo :) food food food food food!

DarReNz said...

hehe more pics and we will all go saliva hungry lol ....

agus said...

wow! a long list. I always love steamed chicken.

Nicole said...

Me the guinea pig ah?
I don't mind XD

n305er said...

alicia can become a very good wife.. XD

cheng sim said...

just make sure u update us with the food in your list.
but it'll turn out great..
dun worry. u'll do fine.
ur better than me bcuz i can't cook at all!

5xmom said...

How many marriage proposals you got already? Yummy food ideas you got there.

Chen said...

I can see that cooking and baking is your current new hobby :D

tom said...

chicken seems to be the main ingredient for all almost all of those, nice i like chicken :D the list aint completed yet? there are so many different..

Ivan said...

tofu with thick and spicy sauce?
Is that the "mapo" tofu?..

Hahaha your food posts have multiplied! How many people do you cook for anyway?

boo_licious said...

So organised, you have a list! For me, I just cook whatever I fancy at the moment.

Alicia said...

darrenz : :/ not all ppl like egg plants eh haha

agus : hehe ya.. will cook when i've the chance to do so

nicole : if u balik kampung 2gether gether haha

n305er : -.- can cook means good wife ?

cheng sim : i think if u wanna learn u can start with basics like.. cooking vege with onion oil and oyster sauce.. they're simple n easy.. i started with that last time :/

5X mom : lol don't have any atm

chen : i had been cooking since form 1 :/ or standard 6.. making wantons, stir fry veges, porridge and easy stuffs.. hehe i like cooking

tom : not very complete.. i missed out tom yam soup and the egg plant i made today

ivan : nope mine's different haha.. not mapo tofu.. u'll c when i get to cook it... xD
on how many ppl i cook for.. err sometimes 2, sometimes more..

boo_licious : not organized but.. just wanna try new stuffs that i had never cook before or modified versions.. something dat just pop up my mind.. how to cook n stuffs like that..when i was on my way back to my hometown.. i had been thinking of how to cook the tofu i mentioned and the egg plant i posted today :P.. i have new ideas at times.. n so.. in order for me not to missed out anything i sometimes list them down...