Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mini Pizzas - Alicia's Style

Mini tuna pizzas

yeah the picture is mini too :/ i've forgotten to set my handphone back to 640 X 480 pixels to get bigger picture..

anyway that's a very nice version of my very own thin crust mini pizza.. hehe.. successfully done today.. with more butter and less yeast :)

i substitute mozarella with plain cheese cuz i couldn't find any mozarella at home..


Jellyfish said...

wei wei... :P :P

finally u sucessfully made a pizza :P

n305er said...

Eh... How to make the base ah?
I usually buy ready made base only or use Roti or a Cracker as base...

Jee said...

cheese.. anything with cheese is good :p

cheng sim said...

cute pizza!
u shld try making pepperoni and cheese. that would be awesome really.

Chen said...

mini photo showing mini picture :)
good combination :D
what will u bake next?

btw, I tagged u again woh.. :D

tom said...

it looks cool.. iv noticed something like that your site makes me hungry and everytime i visit it im inspired and i go cooking by myself, too bad i cant make a pizza( duno how to make dough ><)

boo_licious said...

oooo, I love mini stuff as always so easy to pop into the mouth.

narrowband said...

Got delivery?

Alicia said...

jellyfish : hehe finally! i remember those failure ones.. haha.. anyway it's good to know how to make pizza dough now

n305er : refer to my bread posting and modify accordingly.. the dough needs to be knead till it's elastic..

jee : yaya i luv cheese xD

cheng sim : maybe nxt time xD

chen : i duno wad will i bake nxt hehhe.. c how la.. maybe make chicken (western style) xD

tom : u can refer to my dough recipe xD

boo_licious : mini is always nice and easier to make xD

narrowband : tadak la ~.~

DarReNz said...

wah burger pizza ... shiok hehe ....