Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Kampung Road

The Road to My Hometown

i took this picture when i was on my way back to KL in a bus

my hometown is a very small town called Batu Gajah that is about 5-10 minutes drive from the popular tourist attraction, Kellie's Castle..

It is not very developed but already granted as "bandar" (city) status..

pls click on the picture for a larger view


FH2O said...

I like travelling by car, bus, train or plane! I love travelling period!
Trust that you had a great time back home at Batu Gajah. Are there elephants there?

tom said...

thats a very nice picture.. at least i know how the malaysians sideways look like.. the trees, cant find it in here. pretty cool. i wish for more pics like that one.


agus said...

Hey! Batu Gajah! We used to go there for short outings and buy stuff if we were too lazy to go to Ipoh. I studied in USM Tronoh several years back. Most memorable is the KFC. But the chicken always smelled 'hanyir'. Never toured Kellie's Castle though.

Robin said...

I have been to Kellie castle, quite nice.. if they did take the movie there, the place is quite a ruin.

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Oh, Batu Gajah! Yet another Perakian, nice! :p

You know I've been to Menglembu, Teluk Intan, Sitaiwan, Kampar, Bidor, Taiping, KK, Grik...but never BG! I should do a full coverage of my beloved Silver State sometime :)

DarReNz said...

hope to visit that castle one day !

Jellyfish said...

hmmm... long time din take bus to travel d :)

Anonymous said...

I heard Ipoh property veli cheap cheap nowadays.

Can buy house from 100k.

Good place for people who don't need to rely on local employment.

Soon property bubble will burst.

Many house to choose from to sapu.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Pretty cool picture! Now, what about pictures of your small town?

Merv Kwok said...

bandar status granted by size of population leh hehe

kuching also damn ulu but got bandar status

Alicia said...

fh2o : yups.. nothin is comparable to home.. btw.. no elephants la.. :D

tom : the long trees are coconut trees xD

agus : KFC was the first fast food restaurant in BG.. not much choice then.. but now.. we have marry brown and chicken king too..

robin : ya dey did take a movie there.. some hong kong movie with leon lai and shu qi..

@ロウ 。LOW@ : perak has got lots of nice foods xD..

darrenz : nothin much to see wan oo xD

jellyfish : ada car can liao la xD duneed bus.. furthermore it's faster travelling by car..

shadowfox : ya.. 100k can get 1 house liao.. but if u wan better ones.. the prices can shoot more than that..

csc : nver take pics of my own hometown yet :P

merv : ya i noe.. buden i dono if batu gajah has really got that kind of population onot :/