Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm 100% Evil :)

I'm 100% Evil :)

my sister is about 7 years older than me and throughout the years she had always complained that she's not well in many ways.. for example, "oh my back aches", or .. "i think i'm having a fever" which in reality she's perfectly fine and well..

therefore, when I was about 14-15 years old, I started calling her "orang tua" (old lady) because from my perception she's very young but already complained that she's always aching..

later.. her nickname changed to "bomoh tua" (bomoh = witch, tua = old).. thanx to my obsessive liking of the comic book, Crayon Shin Chan or better known as "labi xiao xing" in chinese..

i could still remember her working in a furniture shop.. and when i was young.. i like to walk and cycle around my hometown and sometimes i happened to pass by the furniture shop where she was working..

so one day, my cousin and i was hanging out together and we saw her in the shop..

guess what had i done?

me : "oi bomoh!"

my sis : "wad?"

me : nothing.. me goin back home :D bye..

and the next thing at nite.. when everybody was at home she started scolding me.. :D she said "oi dun call me bomoh la! my boss thought that i was a bomoh.. u crapster!" and i said.. "ok"

nevertheless i had nver stopped calling her bomoh till when i was in Secondary 5.. and at that time, her nickname changed through this scenario:

my mum, sis and I was watching the discovery programme on the tv.. and they were showing living styles of the orang utans.. i don't know how it happened but the nxt thing i did was saying the word "bomoh UTAN" :D..

my mum was laughing when she heard that and my sis started to hit me LoL.. but my mum didn't say anything..

my sis : "mi you see her!"

me : " yaya mum see liao :D"

mum : "aiyor.. u don't disturb your sis la" (and she was still laughing haha..)

till today i'm still calling my eldest sister names.. but well.. i do love her :)


n305er said...


Jee said...

Alicia Utan actually sounds quite fluent..

Alicia said...

n305er : -.- hantu u

jee : hehe the word Utan is already reserved for my sis :P so not valid on me..

Chen said...

u are 101% evil :P

narrowband said...

you're not evil.

you're a big bully.

small bully big - how dare you!

Nicole said...

Oi manusia...
Nasib baik bomoh tua dono how to go to ur blog and read this. If not sure kena complain from her :x

tom said...

quite funny story.. too bad that it doesnt prove that you are an evil. i wish i werent single..

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

hahaha baby

Richard said...

I don't get it. Explain please?

Phoenix said...

interesting story :P u not evil, but u r 100% nottie :> ke ke

DarReNz said...

haha i know alicia nickname ... it is hantu hehe ...

Alicia said...

chen : nolar :D i'm such a good sister..

narrowband : tadak buwee.. where got la.. :)

nicole : that's a good thing to hear hehehe..

phoenix : not notti at all la.. me very good girl lai de..

darrenz : it's not my nickname -.-