Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Taking care of a doggie :)

i've a min pin.. my notti boi

if you are planning to own a dog, make sure you get one from a good breeder or a trusted shop.. i could still remember my very first min pin which i bought from an irresponsible shop died from the canine distemper disease.. so do make sure that the puppy u bought have been vaccinated and free of diseases when u got it..

when you have a dog, make sure that it is given it's yearly jabs after the initial jabs.. this is to prevent harmful diseases for dogs.. the doggie must have it's deworm tablets once a while and heart gard once in a month too..

heart gard is a chewable product to prevent infestation of heart worm into the dog's heart.. heart worm is normally carried by mosquitoes..

besides all the health care, remember to spend time and play with them :)


JoJo's Daddy said...

Deworm tabs need to be given once every 3 months. You dont need to bring your doggy to the vet to do this. Simply pick up the tab (which is a very small one) from your vet and mix it in with your doggy's next meal.

Deworming is very essential if your doggy runs around in a garden/park regularly.

Chen said...

Doggy needs lots of Tender Loving Care or TLC :)
They are just like human beings:)

Your notti boi and my doggy really looks similar leh..
just that one is brown in colour and the other one is black :)

agus said...

Perhaps you should also share every pizza and buns you make with your pet dogs eh....meals are best shared with loved ones don't you think?

Jellyfish said...

i love to take care of someone i love :P

Phoenix said...

DOG = GOD , smart animal.
Wah, u show ur love....♥ did she know :P

Anonymous said...

Smellllly boi ! right nicole...

Nicole said...

hahahaha!!!! Smellly and fatttt boi. :x

Alicia said...

jojo : ya.. agree.. my dog always go walk around the garden..

chen : ya.. n dey're both cute xD

agus : i did share.. notti boi's been eating alot ~.~

jellyfish : -.-

phoenix : jelly got gf liao la.. haha

anonymous & nicole.. he's handsome.. sweet smelling n cute!