Friday, February 03, 2006

Alicia's special chicken & century egg porridge

i haven't been cooking porridge for a very long long time.. so today i made a pot of vege + chicken porridge + salted egg + century egg :P .. the ingredients may sound wierd for the mixture but it tastes great...

garnishings clockwise from left : spring onions, fried shallots & century eggs cut in small cubes..

the porridge with garnishings


ShadowFox said...

Peidan, eat with maggi chilli sauce.

I love it... yum yum.

Ivan said...

Are you not feeling well?

suddenly eat porridge!

How was angpau collection?

tom said...

wow.. this recipes ingredients mixed together can give back a great taste?
porridge + spring onions.. first time i hear about something like that. anyway porridge is healthy and good in taste, thats all i know about it :)

ivan: she eats porridge and vegi cause she wants to look pretty herself.


Alicia said...

shadowfox : pei dan eat with chili sauce arh??

ivan : no la.. where got not feeling well la.. just feel like eating it.. angpow collection arh? like the usual years..

tom : ya.. we normally hv porridge + spring onions here

DarReNz said...

i can't eat cellery and spring onion .... always makes me have the vomit feeling .....