Saturday, March 04, 2006

AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan

AIA is having a promotion now (for a limited period) with fixed rate of as low as 5.75% p. a.

Special Rate Package
- Fixed Rate up to 10 years
- 5.75% p.a.
- Prepayment Flexibility
- Pay Off, Sell Off Anytime
- Personalized service
- Applicable to repayment of 10 years, completed landed properties only and market value more than RM200k

Corporate Package Policyholder Package
- Fixed Rate up to 30 years
- 5.89% p.a.
- Pay Off, Sell Off Anytime
- No BLR Fluctuations
- Completed Properties Only
- Personalized service

-.- this is a very tempting offer..

source : (a brochure i got from Mapex 2006)


n305er said...

Eh... Suddenly Advertisment pulak...

Chen said...

Alicia plans to buy house ah? :D

ShadowFox said...

Fix rates ? Double check and make sure if it's Islamic banking or not.

What I heard is if you default on your loans for even a month, they will immediately tarik balik and lelong your house and you have to PAY for the value added up with the FULL interests calculated for xx years of the loan.

izso said...

eh? what time were u there? I think I saw someone similar to you there. hehe.. the aia one is very good.. better than any of the other banks

Alicia said...

n305er : hehe just some info

chen : maybe :/

shadowfox : the rate is fixed for life

izso : at bout 1.30 - 2pm :/ ya.. AIA is good.. bsides AIA there's ING that offers fix rate too..

Izhal said...

Hello,are you working for a bank... I'm looking for a loan ASAP... must be able to do overseas transaction...

Alicia said...

izhal : nope.. soree i can't help u.. :/

izso said...

alicia, I just heard from a house fella, ING offering 5.9% fixed rate only!! And if you're a AIA policy holder they can offer 5.8%! Good price!

Alicia said...

izso : thanx for the info.. i hope to get a nice house asap -.- .. haihs.. kang kor..

DarReNz said...

can la alicia you and your sis can afford d liao hehe .....