Sunday, March 12, 2006

Alicia had mega buffet at a Japanese Restaurant...

The Vast Delicacies

Desserts and Fire in the Hole!!!

I had japanese buffet at Jogoya, Star Hill (Bukit Bintang) Kuala Lumpur.. It's quite nice except for the long waiting time for food and after a while the food just taste like any other roadside stall hahaha..


The pricing and operating hours
Brunch RM78++ *Promo Price RM68++
11:30am - 1.40pm (weekdays)
11.00am - 2.00pm (weekends)

Lunch RM68++ *Promo Price RM58++
1:40pm - 4.20pm (weekdays)
2.00pm - 4.20pm (weekends)

Dinner RM88++ *Promo Price RM78++
5:00pm - 9.30pm (weekdays)
5.00pm - 9.30pm (weekends)

Supper RM88++ *Promo Price RM68++
9:30pm - 2.00am (weekdays)
9.40pm - 2.00am (weekends)

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boo_licious said...

bit expensive for roadside stalls though but I can see what you mean esp the cooked seafood bit i.e drunken prawns, oysters with black bean sauce and etc.

The queues were for the cooked food?

Chen said...

I see u took lotsa photos :)
Must be busy snapping pictures besides eating :P

I've never been to this place..
How much is this Japanese buffet?

robin said...

Japanese buffet !! Gosh that must be heaven for jap food lover...
but too bad I am not that crazy bout jap food, i do like it and crave for it from time to time....
but the buffet looks hellishly tempting....

izso said...

Ya.. how much and was it good? Btw, you need to get a newer camera la.. everything looks so... dull.

agus said...

No need pictures to get me excited about japanese food, especially buffet. If the price is right for me, I would run there right now! But I wouldn't be tempted by dirt cheap prices coz I might get just that, dirt. So tell us please, how much?

balian said...

Too expensive! Big hole in the wallet !

Jeremy C said...

wow, looks really nice...

Robin said...

wah, so much food..

so little space in the stomach..

and so big tummy already..

Ivan said...

OHMYGODDD u went to joguya!?!?!

Expensive sial!!

a friend told me bout that place but never really considered going there. Ask around for a jap buffet place thats on old klang road.

its open on weekends only.

DarReNz said...

so alicia did you have brunch, lunch, dinner or supper ?

Alicia said...

err quite xpensive.. i went for the dinner one after work that day :/