Friday, March 03, 2006

Mee Goreng in Singapore Looks Different !

Singapore's Mee Goreng

As you can see from the picture, the mee goreng (fried yellow noodles) is red in colour.. it's different cause, normally in malaysia, mee goreng are either black or brown in colour.. besides that..

the Singapore mee goreng is not very spicy and dry.. the taste is kinda ok but Malaysia's mamak mee goreng is still the best


Asyraf Lee said...

doesn't look safe to eat for me

Merv Kwok said...

it's safe man. i eat it every now and then haha.

mee goreng ketchup!

eh, where is some hantu today >.<

ShadowFox said...

Itu bukan Mee Goreng.

Itu Mee Darah.

Atau Mee Haid.

Yucks. Weirdo sinkies.

Jee said...

Alicia you in Singapore now?

Ehh the ketchup mee.. looks weird. Ermm I never like ketchup anyway. So I'll passed :p

FH2O said...

Weird but I can't recall coming across the one like this here when I was living (and eating) in Spore ...

from the pic it doesn't look particularly appetising; don't tell us that you actually ate this concotion?!!

Chen said...

looks like "mee merah" :D
cos manyak merah :D

agus said...

Wow, the noodle and plate has identical color. You sure you didn't eat the plate as well?

Just kidding Alicia. You must be pretty irritated right about now since almost everyone is skeptical about the mee goreng (or mee go wrong); can be eaten or not.

Sometimes a delicious dish don't really look that good, and delicious food is usually not good for you. But heck, we still eat it coz we want to! Cheers!

tom said...

izzit only noodles? i see something in between.. *wondering*.
for instance iv been eating snails which looked much worser than that, and it was delicious so.. i would give it a try :D

vagus said...

gosh, these pictures are painful to look at. especially when you're hungry and malaysian food's hard to get. :P:P

Dragon City said...

ee...the mee look like worms to me.. =(

izso said...

Btw, Singapore has unique everything. Even their wantan mee is unique. Their wantan mee is like this : Black sauce, soy sauce, chilli sauce / tomato sauce, noodles, wantan, charsiew and mix.

And when you order porridge, make sure you order the right type of porridge. There's canto porridge which is the thick brothy stuff we have in KL. There's another type called the Teochiew porridge which is basically rice with meat/fishballs/whatever then soup poured over it. Not everyone likes porridge like that.

Alicia said...

asyraf : lol.. it can be eaten

merv : wad hantu la.. haha u wanna find 1 u go hire a bomoh :P

shadowfox : -.-

jee : nola.. not in sg.. that pic was taken in 2004 :P

fh2o : i did .. haha.. it's not as bad as it looks..

chen : not bad la.. buden not as tasty as the m'sian mee goreng

agus : lol no la.. not irritated.. but kinda amazed by the comments

tom : they're potatoes..

vagus_n : i was shocked to see that mee goreng for the first time.. subsequently get used to it already whenever i go sg..

dragon_city : -.- waa u wanna b like an angmoh ah? said we eat worms when we were having our hokkien mee :/

izso : yaya i had their wanton mee.. :/ very diff indeed..

izso said...

You're in SG now? ehhhh.. actually I like their duck rice over there.. very nice leh!

Robin said...

hmmm.. they (indian mama) used the cheap tomato ketchup and add tons of it.. so all red red..

not my cup of joy though,, and the last time I eat this is years ago and I rem specifically I hate it.

but those that use sambal to fry the noodle is much better.. u should try it..

1+2mom said...

I tried Singapore Mee Goreng.ayik!! no nice at all and quite sweet. I dun like that taste.

Anonymous said...

izso : ya hard to find it in m'sia.. brown colored rice rite? btw.. i'm not in sg now :P

robin : i nver tried sambal wan :/ shud try one day..

1+2 mom : hehe dat's y i said m'sia's mee goreng is still the best :P

Alicia said...

ayak.. the previous post was done by me..

Takakohazelnut said...

Hiya, got here via Izso's.

Er, mee goreng are usually orange in colour... not red.... I am guessing you went to an Indian stall to buy the noodles? Theirs is red.

Alicia said...

takakihazelnut : hihi thanx for dropping by :)

hehe i dono la.. the one i had is red like the pic :P.. can't remember frm which stall i had it tho..

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

It looks radioactive man! I didn't know we have nuclear power plants here in Singapore!

DarReNz said...

this mee have high boric acid levels right ?