Monday, March 27, 2006

Ipoh - More than just a place for hor fun..

Ipoh Old Town and It's Stalls

Nyonya Kuih Stall and Goodies

I went to ipoh old town with my sisters last month and had yam cakes, fried fish balls, traditional egg tarts, chai kueh (vegetable kuih), and lam fa fan (blue colored glutinous rice served with kaya)..

white coffee is definitely most famous at that place..

please click on the pictures for a larger view


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Do take more photos of Ipoh Old Town. I love seeing your photos of the cityscapes of Malaysia.

Thanks Alicia!

Jacky said...

Wah, so much yummy food. I have yet to try the original white coffee from Ipoh old town.

How does it taste?

DarReNz said...

next time u can bring me there alicia ?

tom said...

thanks for the pics of malaysia :D more plxxxxx

jen said...

im from ipoh too!! ipoh roxs rite??!! :P hehe

Chen said...

haven't go to ipoh for long time liao..
last time I used to go to Ipoh during my university days - my buddy's hometown :)

Robin said...

Ipoh has so much good food.. I remember the herbal chicken, hor fun, wan tan noodles..

and a decent resturuant serving my fav dish!..

What else but BJOTW!

Anonymous said...

Never been to Ipoh before (well pass through in transport yes)

Maybe one day can go.

izso said...

Ipoh famous salt baked chicken!! *DROOOOOOOOOL*

Alicia said...

csc : xD sure.. when i go there again...

jacky : the original white coffee's nice..

darrenz : don't know when am i gonna b free oo..

tom : welcome xD

jen : yups.. ipoh's nice for it's foods..

chen : nothin much to see in ipoh.. but u can eat alot of nice stuffs there xD

robin : i like herbal chic too.. izzit with dang gwai wan?

shadowfox : u shuld go when u have the time.. go makan :P

izso : haha ask wac to go lar xD

agus said...

Haha, this post reminds me of Ipoh, my former playground. Oh and the food is much missed too. Love the steamed chicken rice and meatball soup. Egg tarts, my new love now.

Alicia said...

agus : meatballs in ipoh is tasty!! i love em..

Robin said...

yes yes, with tang guai.. hehe

Alicia said...

ei i love that lei.. tang guai chic.. !!