Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alicia went to an Indian Fast Food Restaurant..

Komala's Briyani Rice Set

Onion Uthappam Meal

I went to have some indian vegetarian food at Komala's Restaurant in Singapore..

in the first picture is the briyani rice served with Bhattura, papadum and (i don't know wad is it called) vadai maybe.. xD

in the second picture is a soft fluffy dosai which is thicker but soft like a pancake. Sliced onion and green chilly are sprinkled on top that it look like a pizza.

the foods are ok and worth trying..

Komala's Restaurant are available at:

111 North Bridge Road
#B1-07E Peninsula Plaza
Singapore 179098
Tel: 333 5644

6 Scotts Road
#B1-05 Scotts Shopping Centre
Singapore 228209
Tel: 734 4644


NickTay said... looks good :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

The basement of Peninsula Plaza! Ahh.. I remember that place. I recall visiting the food court and Burger King there once upon a time when I was working in that area years ago.

yikang said...

i think u meant Vadea or something.. i cant spell it.. but it sounds so..

Ivan said...

oiks,. i must've missed a post or two. whutcha doing in singapore?

tom said...

good looking, worth trying? depends on what it costs :) the second looks like a half of pizza :D

Chen said...

seems like u go to Singapore very frequent?
So far, I only went to Singapore once.. and that was way back in 1987 ..

Never tried the "Onion Uthappam Meal" yet.
looks appetizing :)

izso said...

Uh.. u seriously need to consider buying a good camera with good macro functions. Everything looks dull and faded.. but the food.. *Drool*

Next time I wanna go anywhere for food I'm calling you first for suggestions. XD

DarReNz said...

when they gonna open a branch in msia ?

Alicia said...

nicktay : the food tastes good too xD

csc : i can't remember the name of the place.. but i know it's near to indian street :P

yikang : i think should be vadai :/

chen : hehe quite ok.. buden abit spicy

izso : haha me so so oni lar.. i missed out some good restaurants in kl cuz forgotten the way to get there lei..

darrenz : i don't know le -.-