Thursday, March 02, 2006

Petrol Price Increase & How It Is Affecting Me

with the recent increase of 30 cents.. the amount looks kinda low.. 30 cents only ma.. but this is affecting alot of people including me.. and you can see how the insignificant small amount can make drastic changes.. example? see 5XMom's and rojak's post

with petrol price increase.. there will be

1. bus fare increase.. (i need to take a bus to work..) and besides that.. means no more or less travelling for balik kampung to spend time with parents!!
2. chap fan (mixed rice) price increase.. (i need food)
3. mamak prices increase.. (so no more teh tarik, canai, chit chat or cut down this leisure event)..
4. high cost of living driving to high cost of renting rooms :) .. many would like to generate side income
5. and above all? salary is still the same..

this is what i view as.. squeezing it to the maximum :)

i think sooner or later.. many will just lead a more mundane life of just work, stay at home and don't go out.. this is so "DULL"..

yea maybe many will say that we can still be engaged to healthy and free activity like "jogging" around the park.. hehe.. with the recent news of somebody got killed i think it's better for us to be a good couch potato ;)

added on 2nd March 2006 : the supporting fact


Wingz said...

yar looking at it, stay at home cook maggi better lol

Chen said...

harga minyak naik, harga semua barang pun ikut naik :)
We will see the effects soon..

Well, Alicia can spend more time playing computer games :D
I can spend more time playing with doggy :D

Anonymous said...

i found this interesting writeup on the history of petrol price increases over the last 16 years:

Jellyfish said...

then i spend more time play what ar?


ShadowFox said...

That's no excuse not to exercise.

Lari setempat works fine in the room.

tom said...

No offence.
Well, first of all i dont think that 30 cents of petrol rising would affect you that much so you wouldnt be able to visit your parents weekly. Considering the RM15 as so much money on a full tank of petrol, like a full tank volume is for instance 45-60 liters it wouldnt make too much difference. For the RM15 in Poland you could buy additional 3 liters of petrol which would set your tank at 48-63 liters, aint much difference, is it? It does affect much big shipping companies. It does affect single ppl but not as much. The 4 reasons which you popped up with are kinda exaggerated for a man in the street. Answer yourself the following questions: Will you quit visiting your parents as often as you used to visit them?
Will you quit eating the mixed rice or decreese the consumption?
The jogging part is a nice thing, but it doesnt solve nothing. You go jog for the reason you want to keep yourself in good condition or lose weight or anything. zzz Malaysia seems to be a scary country since ppl get killed while jogging.

take care, i wish your tummy will be full of the mixed rice back when the price of petrol goes down:)


Anonymous said...

lol well the petrol hikes aren't gonna stop, they want to raise the bar close to sg in the coming future. So start saving those nicks and dimes, and jogging? i wouldnt recommend a pretty lass like you jogging in a park in malaysia, i find some Malaysians somewhat of a dark nature. Waiting to strike someone with their guard down...Final verdict : Yes Malaysia is a cess pool.

Jacky said...

30 cents is a lot! Imagine, you try to fill up a tank...

Better use bicycle, cheaper, easier to maintain, environment friendly... only very slow and need manual cycle :D

ShadowFox said...

You know, elsewhere in the world, it's one of these combos.

Good public transport, hefty car and fuel prices.

Bad public transport, cheap car, high fuel prices.

Malaysia, it's BAD public transport, Expensive cars, and high fuel prices.

Malaysia has all the elements required to kill the economy slowly.

Some of the key aspects of economy foundation are

1. Political stability.
2. Consistent policy favoring investment.
3. Communications infrastructure.
4. Human Capital.
5. Transportation.

We barely have half of these in place and we're definitely losing out to the rest of the world.

Thanks to greedy politicians and proton pride, everyone will be made to suffer.

Please get ready and save money for rainy days.

ShadowFox said...

Water discruption for you people.

Water Disruptions In KL, Selangor From Thursday

KUALA LUMPUR, March 1 (Bernama) -- Several areas in Kuala Lumpur and
Selangor will experience water disruptions from Thursday until March 9,
announced Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas), Wednesday.

Therefore, the residents are advised to keep sufficient water and use it

The disruptions are because of works to clean several reservoirs and
tanks, the company said in a statement.

Thursday, the affected areas are sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 52 in
Petaling Jaya, Vista Angkasa, Selangor State Development Corporation
Flats, Kampung Kerinchi, Mid Valley and Petaling Height from 9.30am to
12.30am; Taman Sri Putra (from 9.30am to 12.30am); and Taman Halaman
Kesuma, Gombak (from 9am to 9pm).

On Friday, supply will be disrupted in Bandar Rawang Jaya, Sungai Choh
(from 9.30am to 11.30pm), Taman Bukit Subang, Petaling Jaya (from 9.30am
to 11.30pm); and Bandar Puchong Utama, Petaling Jaya (from 9.30am to

Several areas in Klang will be affected on Saturday, namely Jalan Kebun,
Taman Berjaya, Jalan Istana, Istana Alam Shah, Klang District Office,
Klang Municipal Concil Office, Syabas Office, Bukit Tinggi, Taman
Botanic, Kampung Pulau Indah, Phase 1 & 2 of the Pulau Indah Industrial
Area, West Port Terminal, Star Cruise Terminal, Telok Gong and Kota

In Kuala Langat, the areas affected will be Sijangkang, Mile 9 and 10
Kebun Baru, Telok Penglima Garang, Bukit Komandol and Pulau Carey.

Supply disruptions in Klang and Kuala Langat will happen from 10pm to
10am the next day.

On Sunday, from 9.30am to 9.30pm, the areas affected will be the S.B.
Jaya Industrial Area, Sungai Buluh while on Monday, Taman Setiawangsa,
Sri Rampai, Setapak Jaya, Setapak Permai, Kampung Pasir Wardieburn,
Kampung Loke Yew and Kuala Lumpur City Hall Flats will be affected from
9am to 9pm.

Next Tuesday, from 9am to 9pm, the areas affected will be Rustika
Condominium, Gombak, Sri Gombak Phase 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and Kampung
Melayu Sri Gombak.

Bukit Serdang (Permata) will experience supply disruptions on March 8
from 9.30am to 9.30pm and Desa Aman Puri and Wangsa Permai, Gombak from
9am to 9pm.

On the same day, the areas affected will be Taman Wangsa Ukay, Bukit
Utama, Taman Bukit jaya, Super Home, Jalan Wangsa 5A, Atheneum Apartment,
Bukit Antarabangsa and Kampung Sungai Sering from 9am to 9pm.

On March 9, Damansara Damai will be affected from 9.30am to 12.30am while
Jalan Hulu Kelang, Gombak from 9am to 9pm.

Queries or complaints can be submitted to Syabas' Customer Service Centre
at toll-free line 1-800-88-5252 or via SMS by typing PUSPEL (queries or
complaints) and send to 39222, or by visiting Syabas' website at

tom said...

Frankly speaking i can compare Malaysia to Poland after what was showed in here.
Stuff like water disruprions/deficiency, no electricity, net connection gets freaked out and other common stuff happen to me frequently.
As you said BAD transport and extremly high gas prices, i can eperience in Poland as well. Lets take it straight. Galon of a petrol in USA = 3USD, in Poland = 10USD. In fact there are 500 km of highways in Poland. Those information above sets us on pretty ghey position which is : we must drive on the worst ways, paying the highest steaks for gas. Now, ppl in poland earn 10 times less than ppl in USA. I mean it starts in the root which is bad ass policy in Poland. Whether the polish goverment does care for stuff which is completly not important at the particular time or not at all. We dont have the politicians who could fix the current situation in the country and nothing seems to be changing lately. The 98 unleaded petrol costs here RM5 per one liter, what smart politicaians did was taking the excise off - it set the price downto RM4.5 for 1 week so it could be back to RM5 afterthen. The price was RM3, 3 years ago. The war with Iraq has changed alot. Complaining, complaining, complaining.. im happy i wont have to do in the nearest future, not gonna live in this country, thats for sure. Tip the hell out of Poland whoever lives there :) After all, its still nice country to visit, like id like to visit yours despite all those.
There are still positive sides of being citizens of our countries which we should pay more attention to.
take care and bbb

izso said...

Poland sounds... like Singapore. Everything's expensive. But the average earning for a fresh graduate in Singapore is close to S$2.8k to 3k. In Malaysia the fresh grad(assuming the fresh grad can even find a job) will probably get RM$1.8k or RM2.2k at most.

So we're paid less, live expensive, travel expensive, eat expensive and all the govt knows what to say is "Oh, we're still the cheapest on the SEA countries".

I need more pay. Can't afford that house anymore with all these price hikes!

Nicole said...


Time to buy house, then can cook at home economically and no need to pay high rent :P~


narrowband said...

If compared to other countries, ours is still relative cheap. But the price will keep on increasing - gradually. And the next increase is next year. Got good, got bad...

ShadowFox said...

Comparing only the price is a very shallow thing to do.

Other countries may have high fuel prices but they make up for it with better public transportation or affordable cars.

We have the worst of everything so don't go compare like that.

Don't parrot the politicians.

DarReNz said...

yes everything will increase .... cos it's the domino effect .... anyway the ironic thing is msia being a nett exporter of petroleum and yet we are paying this much for petrol .....

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

The funny thing is that Malaysia exports oil!

I just saw the images of the demonstrations. Unfortunately, those people do have a point.