Sunday, December 25, 2005

Domino's PizZa xD

few weeks ago.. it was one of my collegue's b'day and we celebrated his birthday in the office during lunch hour..

we got him a vegetarian birthday cake.. hmmm i duno wad cake izzit :P

obviously i'm interested in the pizzas than the cakes..

dominos is good :P i like it's thin crust.. i haven't try cheese layer.. i wonder when can i do that.. i noe if i were to order 1.. for sure that i won't b able to finish it..


Kampungkai said...

lol...vegetarian cake = celery + alfafa + bean sprout! uekk... It's been awhile since i had pizza, few years perhaps? miss them lots! maybe will order 1 tonight while watching lizards on the wall...sigh

Jee said...

Yummy Pizza! luv the Domino's thin crust too.

DarReNz said...

wah so yummy ... my company only has kfc for christmas eve ....

Alicia said...

kampungkai : haha wun b dat bad gua.. mebbe a pandan cake :P

jee : yaya dey have a new cheese layer crust too

darrenz : can try ordering pizza nxt time xD