Saturday, December 31, 2005

ATB - Seven Years

Been listening to songs from this album..

Songs in this album are

1. Humanity
2. Let U Go [2005 Reworked]
3. Believe in Me
4. Trilogie, Pt. 2
5. Take Me Over
6. Far Beyond
7. Here with Me
8. Ecstacy
9. Marrakech
10. In Love with the D.J.
11. Long Way Home
12. I Don't Wanna Stop
13. You're Not Alone
14. Hold You
15. Let U Go
16. Fields of Love
17. Summer
18. Killer
19. Don't Stop
20. 9 PM ('Till I Come)

my recommendations : Ecstacy, Marrakech, Summer and 9 PM ('Till I Come).. the rest r kinda ok too


Kampungkai said...

wahahaha! i already have the songs! nice songs to start the day! Try it out.

DarReNz said...

ATB rox !!!

Anonymous said...

OH i didnt know that you were listening to this kind of music. Yah its nice, smooth tunes and vibes and the same goes for lyrics which are not too picky but can stay in my head for long - sometimes even a day long ><

tom said...

Try this out : The Chemical Brothers - Hold tight London.

I think you will like it.