Saturday, December 31, 2005

HotteST LEnG Jai or BoI

Jeng.. Jeng.. Jeng.. And now presenting the HottEsT Doggie..

Taken frm merv haha..


DarReNz said...

hottest hotdog woot !!!

Jellyfish said...

jeng jeng jeng....
not forgetting the cute jellyfish :P


Jee said...

Hotdog? Erww I so want to puke now..

Anonymous said...

Alicia knows bad words? cant be.

Chen said...

notti boi very leng chai leh :)
HappY New YeaR :)

Nicole said...

Oii... I took that cute adorable photo of ur boy and u modify till like that kah?

Where's my credit? kakakaka~~

Happy New Year!!!
Wishing u the year will bring more luck, more wealth, good health, lots of happiness & of course all ur aims achieved.

Alicia said...

darrenz : -.- he's not a hotdog

jellyfish : LoL i didn't c u wobbly :P

jee : he's hensem kie ~.~

anonymous : haha modified by merv

chen : thanx thanx.. ur boi boi is oso leng jai..

nicole : me tadak modify la.. haha.. i took from some1 and post nia