Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Black one

there are two dogs in my house.. one is the watch dog and the other one is a play dog that is already popular in my blog - the notti boi

so the one featured here is called pipi.. he's muc bigger in size than notti boi but is not less playful than him... i dun hv lots of his photos cuz it's really hard to take one.. as he will always be jumping around whenever he sees me..

probably too xcited i think...

i dun noe how my sis managed to take his photos.. anyway here they are..


Chen said...

Do both your dogs fight? Or they get along well? :)
How old is Pipi?

Alicia said...

dey nver fight.. but dey're both very playful.. always been chasing around.. pipi is about 2 yrs old too xD