Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alicia CoOks SpeCiaL PraWnS

StiR FrY PrawNs in Soy Sauce

Firstly fry prawns that is slightly covered with corn flour.. fry till it's half cooked.. Set aside when it's done..

Heat wok with some sesame oil + cooking oil.. put in ginger and garlic and fry till they're golden brown.. add in fried prawns, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chinese cooking wine, some sugar, salt, pepper, black soy sauce n some water.. stir fry till the prawns r almost done..

Lastly add in onions, spring onions and cornflour mixed with water.. cook it till it's done and voilaaaa!

nicely cooked soy sauce prawns..

pls click on the pictures for a larger view


Anonymous said...

Nice nice, can try adding some lime juice or not ? Or add some red wine to be fried together... Yummm..

narrowband said...

yummy, me likey.

guys dig gals who cook.

heard of dat? lol

tom said...

It looks so great. I wonder if i could replace the prawns with shrimps which are smaller that the ones on this pic. The prawn price in poland is 40usd/kg and shrimps not even 20usd/kg. You cant buy it fresh here, frozen version only.
It's yummie, and besides the taste and the way how it looks like its freaking healthy.
Prawns (100g flesh)
Energy 420kJ (100 cals)
Protein 24g
Fat 0.9g
Saturated fat 0.1g
Omega 3 fat 120mg
Carbohydrate 0
Sodium 485mg
Zinc 1.8mg
Iron 1.6mg
Vitamin E 2.9mg

Yum. take care..

Jellyfish said...

waaa... nice wor..
i always love gerger who likes to cook but cant find any

tom said...

wait.. wait a second, you want to say that the most important thing in meeting a girl is how well she can cook ? o.o


Kampungkai said...

was just wondering, how come restaurants cook prawn with only the last portion of the shell untouched? All other parts of the shell are peeled off, except the last 1 and the tail. Why? for easier to take?

Abang Jee said...

Yummy yummy prawns!

Girls that can cook is better than girls that have the look.. off course got look and can cook better ler.

Kampungkai, that is for the customers to not need using hands when eating the prawns but still want to make the prawns look nice.

Anonymous said...

Well, I still think it's better to peel off at least the head,I can't stand the 'inside' of the prawns... yucks... you don't know what they've been eating... worms, fish shit, etc...

Besides gutting the prawns, i'll shell it and stop at the tail, and cut open the back from the front and remove the long strand of shit first before I cook the prawns.

It's actually quite popular now in some places in KL where people eat dancing prawns. It's disgusting because they use live small transparent freshwater prawns and just drop them on top of the fried veges. You eat the prawns live. Very dirty , extremely unhygenic.

That f*cking explains WHY THE HELL I CANNOT FIND LIVE FRESHWATER PRAWNS anymore for my fishies to eat!

Those suppliers are no longer selling to the local fish shops, but to restaurants instead!

ShaolinTiger said...

Yeah I personally prefer the heads off too!

Looks good though ;)

DarReNz said...

wow alicia can start your own recipi book leh .... but i prefer to be ur tester lol ....

agus said...

Prawn is my favourite! Especially large ones. I used to cut down on them because of the cholesterol. But guess what? Commenting here made me look up facts about cholesterol in prawns and here the link that made me happy

It turns out that prawns have virtually no saturated fat. Well, maybe this material is biased since it was published by Australian Prawn Farmers Association but at least it gives motivation to dig up more good facts about prawns, which looks promising.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue eating prawns in moderation.

Chen said...

Going to buy some big fat juicy prawn from the wet market this coming weekend :D

Alicia said...

shadowfox : sweet n sour prawn arh? -__-

narrowband : really ma? haha i tot guys dig for leng luis..

tom : u shud try to cook xD.. it's not that hard..

jellyfish : can find soon wan lar.. dun worry ..

darrenz : still cannot start a recipe book la.. my database is not large enuf atm..

agus : not too muc at a time.. once in a blue moon shud b ok i think xD

shaolin tiger : thanx

chen : u're gonna post a new recipe on ur blog? :)

Chen said...

nolah.. just cook & eat :D

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

tom : I've tried the shrimps from Holland ... Can't find it here tho

Alice : I can't take prawns esp. the big ones like Tiger Prawns ... later itchy but it looks yummy so tempting :)

tom said...

~*~lostsoul~*~ : iv tried shrimps from the netherlands too, the taste is as same as polish. Because it apparently all comes from Middleterranian Sea. Cant find prawns tho.. anywhere iv been to some big stores,markets and in .5mil population town i still cant find it. i find it quite ghey.

take care!

boo_licious said...

Looks great Alicia.

Alicia said...

boo_licious : thanx :D