Saturday, January 07, 2006

MaGGi GoreNG - My VeRsioN

I made maggi goreng tonite... and here's the pic :)

actually it should be called cintan goreng as i use cintan to make it..


1. cintan noodles 1 pack (preferably curry flavor)
2. dark soy sauce & soy sauce
3. cabbage
4. onion & garlic
5. pepper
6. ramly burger patty cut in cubes

verdict : Yummy


tom said...

HAHA. Im the first who will post now. You might wonder why's that, its because there is something like time-zones and chinese and all estern to me ppl are supposed to be sleeping now :D Alicia, tell you one thing, if you visit me you have to make this food. Im really jealous of food you eat there. Ill make some polish too, no worries. The stuff on this pic looks great, too bad i cant reach it. Ingredients arent too sophisticated.. i could give it a try.

Tc all :D

Chen said...

it's now 12 pm and I haven't have my breakfast yet..
I want to eat :D

1+2mom said...

I also like this type of maggie goreng but i prefer Indo mee goreng :P

Din said...

oh man, maggi goreng is already great food, adding ramly burger cubes simply makes it better! Yums!

KY said...

need some green stuff, GREEN! and maybe tomato for red. it'll be perfect!

DarReNz said...

wah so nice to eat ... if i cook mine would be just plain lol ....

Anonymous said...

Oi, you didn't say if you used the ingredients that comes with the maggi goreng or not.

Next time give step by step instructions how to cook lar, guys like us not expert like you girls in cooking lah. :-P

At least you got ramly meat cubes. All the maggi goreng I eat from mamak places don't have a single shred of meat of any form.

The taufoo they put is a bit too disgusting for me though.

Alicia said...

tom : lol if i had the chance to do so..

chen : go make maggi soup :P

1+2mom : i've nver tried indomee goreng at mamaks b4.. shall try nxt time..

din : ya.. it it's nice with ramly burger cubes..

ky : hehe ya i fail in presentation here..

darrenz : can try goreng nxt time :P.. less oily compared to those mamaks wan if u were to cook urself

shadowfox : :P hehe of cuz i use the curry powder lor.. about instructions .. lazy ma ..

boo_licious said...

Nice! I like the Ramly beef cubes touch.

Alicia said...

boo_licious : Hehe chicken is a substitute for those who doesn't consume beef :P