Thursday, January 26, 2006

Two days of darkness in the apartment

i went home the other day and found myself a piece of pinkish red color paper at the doorstep...

It shows that there was a total amount of RM 300++ of electricity bill not paid... therefore with immediate effect.. the whole apartment will be in darkness until that the bill is settled..

i was told by my housemate that he had forgotten to pay the bills.. and he promised that he'll get things right by the next day.. and so..

for the first day.. i called my sis n friends for help..

sis : "i haven't moved out yet.. so no place to stay lei"
friend : "rechargeable portable light? dun have lei"
friend2 : "ok u can stay at my place.. "

it was a sudden relieve that i can finally get myself a place to stay for that night but i don't really like the idea of staying at other ppl's house.. and so i patiently waited for the nxt day to come..

on the 2nd day...

i finally got home from work.. and voila!.. still no electricity.. i smsed friend2 and there was no reply..

at that moment i felt spiritually weak and just depressing to know the fact that i've nowhere to turn to.. my housemate said that there will be electricity by 9pm.. but i see no lights..
i slept throughout the whole nite.. and suddenly woke up at bout 11.30pm..

i felt terrible and horrible even more cuz my room is still in the dark.. and i proceeded my activity with a quick shower with a torch light with me...

after shower.. i lied down on my bed and feel helpless.. until 12.30 am that the electricity is back again..


Anonymous said...

shitty place + shitty pple = shitty country.

ShadowFox said...

No electricity is not as bad as no water.

No water means cannot do laundry, cannot shower, cannot flush toilet, cannot wash backside after shitting.

Trust me, between no power and no water, I'll take no power anytime. :-D

Seriously, with these type of housemates, who needs enemies??!

tom said...

I live in the country where temperature in the winter goes down to -20,-30 degrees. Yesterday it was a crucial day to me, when a waterpipe brokedown. No water for almost 2 days is not anything good. No boiling water, no shower, no flushing water. Without just 1 of those 3 tings your life becomes miserable. Luckily i was given a helpful hand of my friend and he let me shower today so im all happy. They are about to fix it within 10hrs. I hope i can stand it somehow.


Jellyfish said...

glad that u r still alrite :)

Chen said...

Poor u :(

I remembered those early days during my secondary school days when I was in Sarikei..
We always suffered from black out on and off for unknown reason..
sometimes up to the extend of few hours or even half a day..
really &^%%$#*@ :P
I guess this black out thingy seldom occur in Peninsular

narrowband said...

I remember there was once, an outage happened and I didn't have a torch light with me. All my housemates were downstairs swimming (our condo has a pool), and I was the first to be home. I had to bathe the with door open, otherwise it'd been pitch-dark! Whoa that feeling was adventurous, absolutely thrilling (to know that your housemates - being girls - could return in any minute!).

DarReNz said...

are all gals scard of darkness ?

Alicia said...

shadowfox : but still hard to go for shower..

tom : soree to hear that..

jellyfish : ya still very alive..

chen : no lei.. it often occurs in my hometown.. :/ it's ghey.. n sometimes even during festival celebration..

narrowband : haha.. can understand that.. i tot of doing the same.. buden i cannot la.. xD

darrenz : most gua :/

010101 said...

its not the amount that sends the tnb men over.. its how long the bill has been unpaid :p