Thursday, January 05, 2006

Things that i don't EaT

Last week.. kenneth (voices) and i had been discussing about wad don't we eat/drink.. and i came out with a list of stuffs...

1. celery
2. you tiao (yao char kwai)
3. roti canai n wadever roti (singaporeans called it prata).. u gimme roti bawang.. i'll finish up the bawang and leave the roti there.. xD
4. sea cucumber
5. bitterguard
6. gassy/soft drinks
7. carrot
8. fatty pork
9. beef
10. yellow noodles as in mee except when it's cooked as mamak mee goreng..
11. green/red apples xcept for fuji ones..


DarReNz said...

haha i only dont eat celery .... every time i have it in my mouth i get the puking feeling .....

Jee said...

Aren't it easier to write the things that you eat? coz so many things you don't eat lol..

11. green/red apples xcept for fuji ones.. [this is so weird lar, big and small apples taste different meh?]

The only edible thing that I don't eat is petai, cannot tahan at all..

tom said...

Half of those i dont even know, those seem to be like local stuffs 2 and 3rd position. According to fruit they are all healthy and the same goes for celery, sea cucumber.
Celery contains vitamin C and several other active compounds that promote health, including phalides, which may help lower cholesterol, and coumarins, that may be useful in cancer prevention.
Carrot - yum, the most tasty veggi ever, i'd say. Soft drinks i agree they got no nutritions except shitload of suguar. My advise is that when you exclude any stuff from your diet then try to put something else in this place which contains as much vitamins and nutritions as the one which you excluded.

Chen said...

The items from your list that I don't consume - celery and fatty pork :)

Jellyfish said...

so healthy...

i think mine is beef + fatty pork.

whats a celery ar? salary i know lo

Jellyfish said...

i mean the above 2 are my baned list

Alicia said...

darrenz : ya celery tastes wierd..

jee : got diff lei.. btween fuji and normal apples..

tom : you tiao is a flour made delicacy that is deep fried... while roti canai is a kind of indian delicacy made of flour too which is pan fried..

chen : :P the 2 most common stuffs..

jellyfish : celery.. a kind of vege... that has got big stalks and tiny leaves

l0fT said...

i eat all that, except for:
1) celery(unless as juice with other kind of juices mixed together)
2) bitter gourd (no way, no how)
3) fatty pork (just the fat part)

in addition:

4) petai (no way, no how)
5) 'gao choi' - that green vege, long long grass wan... dunno how to describe lar...