Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Irritating Ppl on My LiST

i've this particular friend which has turned into a quite irritating person after a while.. he is used to be a very dear fren to me and a helpful one but now.. turned into a disasterous.. monsterous.. nonsensical.. inconsiderate.. hateful and IRRITATING crapster #)%*%&^@

he would just send me a sms somewad like "hi alicia.. happy new year and i hate u" or..

appear on msn..
disasterous fren : "hi alicia.. i hope dat u're ok.. happy new year to u.."
me : happy new yr to u too
disasterous fren : k bye (goes offline)

thrugh that sort of chat.. if U (disasterous #($*%&) r having bad mood or so.. pls don't let it out on me..

i think he's really trying to get on my nerves.. since last time i had always have his freakin numerous sms sent to me when i was sleeping and i am darn freakin pissed off with it till i set the ringtone to silent for his smses... and now.. he's back with some crappy actions..

darn.. if this prolong.. i'm gonna block him...


Jee said...

I think sometimes people just want to be friendly, but unfortunately not all of them know how to do it, or to do it in the right way.

Yupe there are 'friends' like what you mentioned, bear with them.. maybe they did intend to be good, but acted badly.

Kampungkai said...

what a nuisance! sickening sickening! How was the trip? Tell us about your trip la... Happy New Year to u too!

tom said...

Here is what you need to do. Tell him straight to stop doing this how you call them 'crappy actions'. Probably hes this kind of persons who needs to be told straight in face very often with strong words to understand that this sort of typing pisses you off. Afterthen he wont feel offended himself and it might help. If hes too annoying to you just block him, call your provider to block his incoming number on your cell. Think about the reason why he does it to you. I think its not that he wants to piss you off only he does it for some other reason. For instance he might want to get your attention.

Take care and be safe.

v0ices said...

Hi Alicia,
How R U?
K, Thx, Bai.

kekekekeke. Just ignore lor.

Chen said...

might be he didn't mean it..
might be he dunno what he did irritate others..
so many possibilities..

I have met people like that before :)
If u really can't bear it, then the best thing is to confront him and tell him straight your feelings ..

just my thought...

Alicia said...

jee : hope so

kgkai : haha just yesterday he sent me a sms.. -.- dono wad time in the morning when i was sleeping.. man this is killing me..

tom : the prob is he won't pick up my call..

voices : hater u

chen : hope dat i can confrnt him..

DarReNz said...

if he is your dear friend tell him some ppl need to sleep la ......

tom said...

If he doesnt pick up your calls then i dont see any other problems. Block him. If one time he wants to get in touch with you he will surely find the way. Write a mail or so.