Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tiger Prawns - Alicia's Style..

Baked Prawns - My Style

Yummy baked prawns with some cheese on top..

There are some tiny bits of garlic in between..

This dish is simple...

1. slit prawns at the top part to remove unwanted stuffs..
2. marinate prawns with ginger extract..
3. put in some garlic at the top part
4. put a slice of cheese (melt type) on top of the prawns.. &
5. Finally bake the prawns till it's done..

please click on the pictures for a larger view


~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

prawns looks yummy but i cant take them too much ... will try them soon at home hehe

agus said...

Bottom heat or top heat of oven? Or both? I have some river prawns in the freezer waiting to be baked. Can't wait. Weheee!

Jellyfish said...

im scared of potong the prawns myself
even though dead liao, when u squeeze the prawn,
the legs seems like bergerak gerak...

manyak scary

ShadowFox said...

Wuiyo... my kind of dish..

More garlic please! Yum Yum !

DarReNz said...

wah can i order delivery from u alicia ?

Chen said...

Looks good :)

I couldnt understand why jellyfish so scared of potong the prawns..
Sure he cannot slaughter ayam liao .. :D

Abang Jee said...

Yummy! New Year I go your house makan prawns arh? Must prepare a lot a lot wor..

Alicia said...

snowie : xD prawns r yummy.. but high in cholestrol.. buden.. i still love them!

agus : both xD but the ginger xtract.. not too muc.. else will b abit ghey..

jellyfish : where got bergerak gerak when it's dead la -.-

shadowfox : eat just plain garlic oso can la.. for u :)

darrenz : haha when i have my own restaurant xD

chen : i think it's quite nice n simple.. not so tedious preparation..

jee : waaa sure boh?? my hometown is in perak lei.. some small kampung..

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

still didnt get around to do it ... my stomach acting up on me huhu

Jellyfish said...

it is lar... when u picit picit the body, the legs bergerak gerak one

scary o_O'

Jee said...

Alicia, my hometown in Ipoh.. near Perak or not? :p

but new year too busy.. no time to eat your prawns.

btw what kampung u staying? really small one arh?

boo_licious said...

Yummy! Love prawns and baking them with cheese sounds great.

tom said...

thats nice, i think that the garlic in between those gives very nice aroma to this dish.

Alicia said...

snowie : waa these days u've been not well.. better go c doc la.. and den can enjoy prawns later xD

jellyfish : where got la.. tak nampak pun..

jee : ya.. small kampung.. batu gajah..

boo_licious : yup it's nice.. something new to me for that day :P

tom : yups