Tuesday, January 10, 2006

OutDaTed PoSt - the yr End EveNt

The christmas trees

i wish that the gifts were all mine xD haha


I celebrated Christmas with my collegues few weeks ago on a Friday and we had lamb, turkey, lasagna and cream crumbles.. it was a warm event with gift xchange..

we were allowed to go home at as early as 3.30 pm... which the event started at 12.30.. so we worked just for half a day.. i hope there will b more of this event in the future :P


Jellyfish said...

a few days ago wor...
new year liao

ShadowFox said...

All I want for Christmas, are 3 hot Santarinas to feed me while I lay on the bed watching TV and switching channels.

Santarina 1: "Dear, here comes the grapes, open your mouth"

ShadowFox : " Aaaaaaa... Ummmmm.. "

Santarina 2: "Here comes the juicy turkey "

ShadowFox : "aaaaa... Ummmmm.."

Santarina 3: "Have a sweet hagen daas rum raising ice cream dear"

ShadowFox : "Ooooo delicious, so sweet to lick just like you... Come to me my 3 lovely Santarinas."

Ho Ho Ho HO!

agus said...

Wah, a christmas party with collegues. How nice. And he food, mmhh good.

Ivan said...


ill bet that 2nd picture, top right is your plate right?

DAMN FULL wei! I thought you were a really small person.!

tom said...

Everything looks great and cool(foods) except those fake xmas trees which are not real :)I somehow connect xmas to a real tree from a forest which smells specifically. Thats what xmas should be consisted of. Problem is that ppl are lazy to vaccum the fir-needles and water their xmas trees.

bb and tc :P

Alicia said...

jellyfish : outdated post ma.. cuz it took me some time to transfer pics frm my mobile..

shadowfox : haha.. dream on! or u can code for some virtual santarinas.. xD

agus : yaya.. eat eat n eat..

ivan : didn't hv breakfast n dinner dat day lei... xD

tom : it's hard to find live xmas tree here in m'sia.. so normally we just settle with the fake ones.. :) anyway it's the thought that counts..

DarReNz said...

wah alicia ur company so nice so much food to eat leh .... somemore can chowz earlier ..... mine is the sienzz kfc ..... anyway ur company got the exchange gift thingy ar ?

tom said...

Yes you got whole the point about the tought that counts. I completly didnt think of this posting above.

Alicia said...

darrenz : ya we have xchange gift session xD

tom : hehe