Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Malaysian Food Part 3 - Kuih

Kuihs are normally available everywhere throughout Malaysia..

clockwise from left : fried sweet potato, nien gao - chinese delicacy, fried banana in batter or "goreng pisang" & kuih bom

nien gao is sweet and can be eaten plain.. besides that it can be sliced and fried with egg or sweet potatoes...

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Anonymous said...

Fried banana batter is goreng pisang kah ? I thought it's Chokodok/Cekodok.

tom said...

It looks nice.. :/ too bad i cant have it. There is always the same problem. I think ill need to request you to send it to me. It would took about 6 days to reach the destination point. I wonder if it would go off by the time :) If not i could still enjoy this foods. yum, and thanks for uploading pics with foods.

bb :p

Chen said...

what is kuih bom?
The kuih looks familiar ..
what's the fillings inside kuih bom? Issit the peanut fillings with sugar? or green beans with sugar?

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

talk of the devil ... I just ate fried sweet potato ... huhu

tom : y dun u ask Alicia the recipe and u try it at home ... :Þ

tom said...

~*~LostSoul~*~ : i wish it would be so simple, some of them i could really make by myself. Ingredients would be the problem. And you know when i see the weird named dishes i cant figure out what ingredients would be :) like "nien gao" - hello? :) Potatoes, banana its no problem to get. I even got prawns which i thought would be unable to get. I tried a few of her dishes so far, cant compare the tastes cause i dont know how the original would taste. It was not bad in a way.
Take care :)

Chen said...

Btw, u have been tagged :p

Kampungkai said...

ahhhhhhh........... :)

Alicia said...

shadowfox : cekodok is banana kuih.. round round wan..

tom : np

chen : kuih bom.. round round with sesame wan.. the filling is.. green bean + sugar xD

snowie : haha i duno the recipe.. it is bought by my collegue

kampungkai : LoL

tom said...

umm.. thanks, im just waiting for it to reach me :)

bb.. take care.

DarReNz said...

i think this cny many ppl gonna have yee tsang and fatt tiu cheong(little buddha over bridge?)