Friday, January 06, 2006

The MalaysiaN FooD

This picture shows the kinds of food that is generally available in Malaysia :)

the thing which i dun like in the pic is you tiao or it's called "chinese crueller".. yups u can c how it looks like.. the long fried thingy which is displayed at the left side..

Some things dat i like to eat :

chinese dumplings is also known as "bak zhang".. it's a very nice chinese delicacy cooked with glutinous rice, beans, mushrooms, marinated meat, soy sauces, pepper n salt.. it's normally steamed or boiled.. sometimes there may even be chestnuts in it..

nasi lemak : is a very famous malaysian food.. i love it very much.. it's a must try!... it's fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk served with spicy gravy (with anchovies, chicken curry/rendang), egg and sometimes fried groundnuts

kuih ubi : a nyonya delicacy.. made of tapioca..

pls click on the picture for a larger view


DarReNz said...

yummy all of them are nice ... well in aus you tiao they called it chinese doughnut lol .... actually they are not bad when eaten wid pei tan chuk (porridge/congee)

Kampungkai said...

i didn't know it's called chinese crueller! hahaha... So why do u not eat them? cos it would be cruel to eat them? lol...

tom said...

On the picture there are all of the stuffs i can see first time in my life. Id love to try one of those. Im so bored of the food i consume which are sad pork chops, potatoes, pierogis (dough with stuffing), bigos (sauerkraut stew with meat) and sandwiches which i eat everyday. There are not many spicy stuffs here either, so before i even decide to eat anything i make sure if i have enough of tabasco with me. Whenever i try to find some recpie i face the same problems. Whether is a recipe which one i dont like or just there are many of ingredients which of i hear for the first time. So there is no possibility for me to replace the ingredients with some others. Sometimes you just cant replace ingredients cause they are unique to your dish. To be honest those stuffs on the pic i want to try cause they are different to the ones i can get here. People are discoverers in nature - need of trying out new stuffs. I have to eat the common known Polish crap untill i move to other country to face other foods. Polish routine is killing me.


Chen said...

I can see lotsa "sinful" food out there :P
I like bak chang as well :D

Alicia said...

darrenz : chinese doughnut? LoL... aa it might be nice to most out there.. but i dun fancy it at all :/

kampungkai : me dun like ma haha.. but it's really called chinese crueller :P

tom : haha the pics r dedicated for u :P.. i'd like to try polish foods too if i had the chance..

chen : yaya.. very fattening n mostly cholestrol laden food ~.~ but tasty leh..

tom said...

Hah.. Thanks for the work you put in this blog, pics are awesome tho. Appreciate it. You know you have a chance to try polish food out and many other stuffs. You know you are welcome.