Thursday, January 05, 2006

Market in MenGlemBu

my mum and I went to a market in Menglembu last year and took these pics..

the market is quite big and crowded most of the time with mostly middle aged ppl.. some even went there to yum char or have breakfast with family at nearby stalls in the market..

there r lots of stuffs to buy like vege.. fish.. meat and even ready cooked foods like noodles, grilled/steam chicken, pastries, cakes n etc..

prices of the items r quite reasonable and the grilled duck is definitely nice :)

please click on the pictures for larger view


DarReNz said...

ohh nice wet market .... u must have fun there ....

Kampungkai said...

how come the chicken coop is so big and spacious!? here, it's only 1foot in height! charsiu+duck rice = drooling... (can please wipe my saliva?)

FH2O said...

thanks for sharing your experience n pics

tom said...

Grilled duck very yumm - considered as a caloric bomb. The market seems to be halla HUGE from these pics. I dont think that in Poland we have a place where i could buy so many kinds of meats at once. Even in the largest pork-shop there is less than what i can see here.

Take care guys.

Robin said...

Nice blog, and yummy local stalls..

I like roast ducks.

Chen said...

Looking at this... suddenly I feel hungry :)
Cos... I haven't take my dinner yet (8:15 pm liao)

Jellyfish said...

hungry liao

time for mamee premium and time for one of the many dvds which my bro n i bought just hours ago


1+2mom said...

You let me remember back when i follow my mum to market but now very long time didnt go market liao.

Alicia said...

darrenz : Yup.. mum and i went there shopping..

kampungkai : i think almost all pasar in ipoh r spacious :P

f2ho : u're welcome

tom : some wet markets in malaysia r big :) and we can get almost any meat there..

robin : thanx :)

chen : hehe u shud order roast duck nxt time

jellyfish : waa instant noodles again? later turn bald baru tau..

1+2 mom : mebbe u shud go with ur kids if u're free..