Thursday, January 12, 2006

My PCs were InfeCteD with Darn CuN Viruses

both my laptop and desktop had been infected with some ghey viruses and my desktop was hijacked by trojans n etc..

this is the chunnest event of the week which i have to.. again.. find solutions to get rid of all the crapsters or else.. just format both the machines..

my desktop shud be ok now.. but there are still some probs with the IE..

i've to reinstall almost all my applications too.. since that my laptop has been infected with this ghey Win32.Parite.B virus - (it attacked almost all my .exe(s)).. darn! i duno how did the virus managed to get into my laptop..

anyway thru this xperience, i found 2 useful tools.. they are:

1.panda activ scan and

2.bitDefender to remove the virus..

btw.. for those pros out there.. mind sharing on how to format a notebook? i haven't formatted any of them.. n was told that it's the same like formatting a desktop (which i did alot of times).. izzit true?


Gulengz said...

Format Notebook is just the same as formating a desktop...

Only the drivers are sometimes harder to find and the BIOS are slightly different.

Some notebooks allocate a little partition for recovery purposes but I guess people like you don't need them. ;)

Anyway, you should try Avast Antivirus. it's free and very the good!

Jellyfish said...

pop in your bootable winXP CD

follow the instruction on the CD to format

unless you cant understand what u read, that's another story :P

Alicia said...

gulengz : if it's the same like formatting a desktop then i shud b ok with it.. prob is that i'm unsure bout the drivers n such as i've nver formatted any notebooks b4..

jellyfish : haha no worries about formatting.. i noe how to do it.. just that wondering if it's the same thing with a notebook..

Alicia said...

darn sia sui.. formatted desktop like a hundred times b4 and i hv no idea about a notebook ~.~

Merv Kwok said...

most notebooks come with recovery disk which is exactly the same as the installation disk. boot from cd n wallah!

tom said...

Format both laptops. Install Service Pack 2. Stop using IE. Get Mozilla Firefox and an antivirus program NOD32.
The NOD32 will block everything which is trying to get on your machine(trojans,viruses,whole d crap). This combination is one of the best. Iv never had problems like those.

merv kwok : most new notebooks. old versions doesnt have ones.

Anonymous said...

Yep, besides following Tom's advice, make sure to master a bit of firewall management, must have it turn on (default on in SP2)

And also use another email client if possible, don't use Outlook.

Jacky said...

How's the notebook formatting coming along? :)

Just use your notebook's recovery CD, or sometimes called reinstallation CD if it somes with one. This will basically format the harddisk and reinstall all the necessary software just like when it left the factory.

If your notebook doesn't come with a CD, then just format it like the way you format your desktop.

ShaolinTiger said...

Hey you can check my post here for some tips on what to do and how to secure your machine before you plug it back into the intrawebnet.

Alicia said...

merv : haven't try yet.. mebbe nxt time xD

tom, jacky & shaolintiger : thanx for the tips

shadowfox : i've got firewall on.. but still ghey..

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Panda Activescan is great! It was able to detect four viruses that Grisoft was unable too. Thus, I use Panda occasionally.

Presently, I use Computer Associates' 'eTrust' which is decent. It doesn't have a subscription fee either!

DarReNz said...

i think you have formatted successfully already right from the last time i chatted wid ya ?

Alicia said...

darrenz : ya.. ghey lor.. need to backup alot of stuffs..