Saturday, January 07, 2006

Java - My PaSsioN

This is something dat i see everyday..

public String getMsgContent(String region_zone, String productID,
String keyword, String state_district)
DecimalFormat myFormatter = new DecimalFormat("###,##0.00");

String returnstr = "";
String queryStr =
"select product, price, unit from abcd.abcd_products_price where product_ID = '"
+ productID + "' and " + keyword + " like '%" + region_zone + "%'";

Connection con = dbman.getConnection();
Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(queryStr);

sometimes HTML codes too.. I have no idea on why i ended up being a programmer.. i dun really like to code.. but still i'm doin it..

one thing is whenever i'm on a task in java.. i will really get into it.. so muc attention and effort will b put.. it's certainly an euphoria if an application coded has got 0 error 0 bugs or etc..


Chen said...

Luckily I'm not a programmer :D

tom said...

Hmm.. To cheer you up i can tell you that there are not many ppl who work in their studied proffessions. So you are the lucky one. Also programmers are needed everywhere in the world so you dont have to be bothered with getting a decent paid job. I can see that you dont like programming. When you are young and immature you have to make a choice that is which faculty i should take.. whether nursing, dental school or programming or whatever else. Afterthen your brain gets developped you get mature, become a women. Then you think in some other way, trends are different to the ones when you had to make the choice of which university and faculty i should take. Everyones got the same problem. I think that your work and also the money you earn is ok for you for now. You got shitload of life ahead of you. There are many ppl who would love to work as programmers but they cant. Give it some good thoughts. Try to appreciate what you have, it will make your life happier.

Ps i know java a little bit too :) so parially i understand the code. Funny thing. Tc.

mahagurusia said...

java? isn't that in Indonesia? kekeke.....

Robin said...

oh dear.. the strong of html, reminds me of my struggle to get back all that I lost when I change my blog design..

How did u put the nice pic at the header??

agus said...

java, isn't that in my espresso?

Ivan said...

If ever you're bored, take a break from IT and work in a totally unrelated field!

Haha abit spontaneous but could be fun.

Everyday see code, also eyes bleed le. Thank goodness for MMORPG hor!

wyejon said...

ermmm... you didn't follow the Java variable naming conventions leh ;p

Alicia said...

chen : :P sometimes really pening if i can't solve the errors

tom : quite true but well IT is not really my cup of tea..

mahagurusia : -___- sun microsystem's java

robin : i edited the template and added 2 pictures to the blog.. 1 top and 1 bottom (cut from the original pic) combined.. this will need alot of times of testing to see if it is displayed nicely onot..

agus : ~.~

ivan : haha cannot lei.. mebbe nxt time la.. if wanna hop.. wil hop forever liao :P

wyejon : xD didn't study naming conventions last time.. anyway it doesn't really matter as long as it works!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Phew! I haven't seen Java seen JDK 1.1.7.

Gulengz said...

I sometimes leaves more comments then codes inside my projects.. Kekek...

After 1 week holiday, always forgot what the codes are for... :P

ShadowFox said...

Being a programmer in Malaysia is like being an Indonesian construction worker doing the manual laborous work of laying out bricks.

The pay is *shit* and appreciation of your work is low.

Most of the time you have to answer to talentless managers who can't code jack shit but they dictate what you should do and set unrealistic schedules/goals without ever consulting you first.

In Malaysia, asia in general, it's a waste of career path to be coding as an employee for life.

Programmers have always been commoditized because as a trading nation, there's little respect for knowledge workers in Malaysia.

It's always the management, sales and marketing people who thinks they're above the techie/programmers and programmers are paid too low for the work they do nowadays.

I am still a programmer, I still code, but no more as an employee, and if possible, never again will I code for any boss and answer to any manager.

I will deal only with customers and get all the money I charged for.

Ultimately, I intend to use my skills to acquire income from oversea customers and focus as little as possible in the local market because there simply isn't much demand and people are not willing to pay even decent rates.

I am sick of the IT industry in Malaysia and hope to have nothing to do with it in the employment sector ever again. Never again as an employee coder.

DarReNz said...

hey alicia,

looks like everyone hates to be a programmer .... anyway you can still choose to be a web designer, system admin, etc in the IT industry. However, you will still deal with a little code as no one can escape from coding including scripts in IT.

Alicia said...

csc : lucky u! u duneed to face crappy things

shadowfox : ya i agree with u.. work is shit and appreciation low..
and ya i have a ghey marketing guy who always ask me to code shit but can't set realisitc goals.. freakin small prob in GUI.. he made me code the whole shit again... man sometimes i'm so pissed off with the IT zero knowledge guy in my office...
if i've had an option in the future... for sure i won't get myself involved in IT..

darrenz : IT is not my cup of tea la.. sian lor

ShadowFox said...

Darren, no lah I don't hate to be a programmer.

I just hate to be a programmer answering to undeserving people.

I love programming and I've been coding since I was 13 years old.

Alicia, you don't want to be a programmer, then what would you want to be eventually ? Self-employed ? :P

ShadowFox said...

Oh Btw Alicia.

It seems we've both also coded SMS apps before. Heheh, I've coded SMS apps for mobile content companies for delivery of subscription sms services and mobile content delivery platform for javagames, ringtones, truetones and wallpapers etc..

Alicia said...

shadowfox : LoL i did that too for a ghey company... mo in mo out.. send subsription.. wap push... etc...

sel employed would b fun... but sometimes tension...

ShadowFox said...

alicia You've got mail. :-D

DarReNz said...

haha alicia ... i think if u tried business, you will also feel sien if you are doing it everyday ..... anyway i think when u get to higher post you can forget all those programming .....